SUPERHIKS classifies as ska-punk band with reggae, Latin and Balkan folk music influences. The 6-member band, based out of Skopje, Macedonia has been playing skank since 1994. It’s formed by 3 high school friends Petar Mladenovski, Boris Minov and Zoran Zhezhov up in the early 90’s, starting with a mixture of ska, punk and hardcore music. Today, the band features a powerful 3–piece horn section consisting of a tenor saxophone, trumpet and Flugel.

Superhiks has shared stages with other world-famous acts: Faith No More, Manu Chao and Radio Bemba, Fun Lovin Criminals, Fishbone, Tito and Tarantula, Henry Rollins, H-Block, Rico Rodriguez and many others. Superhiks draws upon the “old school” and “new school” ska influences, adds their own twist and some local Balkan beats, and what you get is one of the major forces paving the way in the “third wave” movement. The bands’ debut release, ”Cekaj be vikam…”(“Wait a second…”) was released on the Lithium Records label in 2000 and received radio air and TV play on all commercial stations nationwide. The album was reviewed in national and international publications and received critical acclaim for its distinctive sound and socially conscious attitude. The video for its third single “Rade” was shown on MTV France and MTV Israel as well as the other European TV stations.

Superhiks has appeared on numerous national and international compilation albums such as “Ska Generation”(BRP Records) ,” I Woke up in motion”(H.O.P.S. Contact Recs.),”Ska Factor Positive”(Ohoho Records) and others. Their long-awaited follow-up album “Trumano” was released in November 2003 again on the Lithium Records label. During the first month, it was sold out in 25 000 copies. Trumanos 4 singles followed “Rade”s success and occupied all the radio and TV charts in Macedonia as well as the Balkans. The record is being supported by aggressive touring nationwide and around Europe in 2004. The tour finished with a great and spectacular 3-hour show in their hometown Skopje, playing in front of the 5 000 people.

In 2006 Superhiks are realizing the 3rd (live) album from their biggest concert. It was realized in 35.000 copies and it was sold out for less than 7 days. Superhiks is awarded for the best Macedonian band in 2001, 2002 and 2004 and their Skopje Fair concert was awarded for the best rock concert in 2004 in Macedonia. Whether it’s a rock-steady number or an adrenaline-charged Balkan horn-driven instrumental, Superhik’s delivery always gets a crowd dancing. Open your mind to their music and your body will follow their rhythm!