Initiated in Skopje in the summer of 2014. The spontaneous songwriting process between Jane Trajkovski and Ivica Dimitrijevik, that summer of 2014, resulted in numerous new songs. Some of them made it on their first album ‘’Something Completely Different’’. This was their debut album with completed 12 tracks. The album was recorded and produced in Alshar studio by Ivica Jankulovski. On few of the songs drums appeared, which were recorded by Filip Stancevski, who became drummer for the band. Following many gigs that year they were back in the studio to continue the songwriting process.

The second album named “BLISS” was also recorded and produced in Alshar studio by Ivica Jankulovski in the winter of 2015/2016. The finish of the recording process brought a new drummer, Dzano Kuch. Today the band functions as a three piece (Jane, Ivica and Dzano). Currently they are working on their third album and in between they do tours and shows.

Jane Trajkovski – Guitar and Trumpet

Ivica Dimitrijevik – Guitar,Bass and Vocals

Dzano Kuch – Drums