Fawaz AlOlaiwat AKA FawazO is the leading artist in Bahrain’s quiet but vibrant underground music scene. His name precedes his DJing skills, and his artistry in techno knows no bounds. With a career spanning decades, countless hours of exploring music, performing across Asia and Europe, his passion for music has been creating a welcoming, safe and care-free aura for different crowds to both enjoy and lose themselves in.

“Music to me is about lifting the crowd to a higher state of being, And a positive connection between races and cultures…”

The local techno DJ and producer, plays a music style of his own creation, which includes: synth heavy, pumping, melodic techno. With the creation of his label “Da BassO” is an electronic music label and management for different artists, which aims to promote and provide a platform for regional artists and techno music as a whole. Da Basso now is a known names with strong events like “Melodika” 1 day festival on AlDar Islands where he has played along side international artist like Steve Mulder, Drunken Kong, Jewel Kid, Matt Sassari. Also “Native” and intimate techno night feat. local Bahraini artist.

“I am very energetic. I love playing very long sets, that are a mix of the different styles of techno ranging from melodic to banging. Imagine dancing at a party, in a rocket heading to space, It’s scary and exciting at the same time. Smiling faces, that’s all you see. It takes me days going through hundreds of tracks to select the few epic ones. Techno has been my passion since I first started raving back in 1998. My music collection spans more than two decades, I started in 1992 then in 2000 I discovered vinyl and in 2008 i gave in to the digital world, now I have an arsenal of techno that can shake any dance floor. “

Techno DJ & Producer